Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Skidmore Story: Look ma, more rants!

.Hello reader(s), it's been a beautiful winter so far. I hate it. I hate the cold, and the snow, and most of all, the wind. The wind absolutely and completely sucks. Period. I'm more of a summer guy anyway. After another 13 days of not posting a single post, I actually have quite a few stories to get buy, including a book review, a rant or two, another computer and some other fun stories to tell!

First! A book review on a library sponsored blog. Blasphemy! The book I read takes place in the Warhammer 40,000universe. I have provided a link to the background of the universe, on the account that not many people in the States know much about WH40k. Anyway, the book, entitled Sons of Fenris by Lee Lightner. The book follows a specific chapter of the supersoldier Space Marines (link also provided for you convenience.) The chapter, known as the Space Wolves, is one of the most valiant and savage chapters in the Imperium. The book itself follows one specific Space Wolf, Ragnar, who actually becomes the Wolf Lord at some point in his life. The book begins at this point, but later flashes back to an earlier point in Ragnar's life. It sounds strange, and while reading it, it was strange, which makes it difficult for me to actually be able to describe how the book is set up. With that set aside, I loved the book, but I can only give at 4/5 stars for a couple reasons. For one thing, I personally don't think the ending wrapped up appropriately. If you're an avid Space Wolf fan, it might seem simple enough to tell what will happen, as Ragnar Blackbane is the most famous Wolf Lord in the chapter's history, but for me, a die hard Imperial Guard fan, I found it a little difficult to consume the ending. The book (or WH40k) franchise is not for everyone, and I think it's safe to say it's not for most people period. However, if you like gothic type things and sci-fi type things, then you'll love not only this book, but also the Warhammer 40,000 universe in general. I recommend this book to any sci-fi fan, unless you also happen to be squeemish.

Second: a rant! If you watch TV, or if you hang around anyone who does, then you've probably seen or heard of this brand new show, Tosh.0. Everyone seems to think that it's completely hilarious! Except for me. I hate it. I think it's stupid, unoriginal, and honestly I don't think David Tosh (the host) is that funny. It seems to me that now that our favourite internet memes have come to the television screen, everyone thinks that the credit should go to this genius David Tosh. Sorry folks, he didn't find the videos. For instance, a while back, he featured a not so bright kid who claimed he liked turtles. It doesn't seem funny, but if you haven't seen the actual video, you should probably go google it. I hate to break it to everyone, but the "I like turtles kid" has been on the internet for nearly 4 years now, and who knows how long the owners actually had the tape for, as it appears to be an older video. Anyway, it just so happens that the video was only popular to those who lurked on selective sites or the internet in general. That is until the genius David Tosh showed it on television. Beyond the "I like turtles kid," he does feature a few funny videos, but only after the videos have been on another show for weeks or months. That other show I'm talking about is known as =3 by Ray William Johnson. The entire show is done on Youtube, with episodes released twice a week, every week, and that's been going on for quite a while now. Plus I think Ray happens to be funny, unlike Tosh.

That's just my opinion thoough, I know a lot of people who enjoy the show, and I'm not in any way knocking them, just the show/host/lack of originality/lack of comedy.

Well, after finishing that, I realise that I'm pretty darn tired and won't be able to finish my stories. Oh well, I'll have those posted by the end of the week, if not tomorrow. This is Taylor Skidmore, signing off.

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