Friday, December 17, 2010

Skidmore Story: Woe is Me.

Well to kick things off: I'm sick. And that really stinks. I have a sinus infection coupled with pounding headaches, but I knew I needed to make an emergency post.

First: STARGATE UNIVERSE. The third installment to the Stargate series has been cancelled. While it wasn't a bad show, there were a plethora of mistakes made during its two seasons on air that set it far back. In the past, Syfy (previously Sci-Fi), has always broadcast its new shows in the summer and winter, in order to avoid the fall competition with the big channels like NBC or CBS. They decided to change that for this show, for unknown reasons (well, to me anyway). This move to the fall really hampered the show's promise, as most people watch the big channel hits. The second mistake was moving it from Friday at 9 to Tuesday at 10. At this point, a drop in numbers was seen for the show. And now it's gone. Let's face it: if they would've just kept Atlantis, we wouldn't be here now. But on the bright side, Stargate Worlds is still turning out quite nicely.

Second: Well, actually, I have nothing else. Being sick is pretty boring. Hopefully my weekend won't be a total drag.

This is Taylor Skidmore, signing off.

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